Wednesday, November 4, 2015

70th Anniversary: Aiseien and its Children, Then and Now

Thank you for all of your support for the Aiseien Children’s Home so far!
We received a message from Director Mr. Nobuhiko Ito for everyone in the Bay Area:

Aiseien celebrated its 70th Anniversary this year. Seventy years have passed since its beginnings as a home in the mountains of Tanagura, Fukushima for the orphaned children of war-torn Tokyo, who had lost everything from their homes to their family. Times have changed, and so have the issues the children deal with. Still, even now there is much work to be done for children who lack homes they can live in. The issue of child abuse is of especially dire importance. We work hard every day so these children with physical and emotional hurt can live their lives safely and with a sense of security. We would love for you to keep in your thoughts not just Aiseien, but the work of all 600 Children’s Homes in Japan.